Journey on Foot

“A cautionary tale about a grumpy curator and his fight against fantasy and devilishness of all sorts.

The danger is lurking around each corner and throughout time it has devoured countless young spirits and lost them to the whims of foolish ideas, stupid dreams and other ungodly stuff. But dreadful fantasy can be fought. Join me on tour de Odense from the time of Hans Christian Andersen and experience the heroic battle of the curator versus the fantastical forces that at an early age stole Hans Christian Andersen Away from Odense and a career as a shoemaker or maybe even tailor.”

Journey on Foot was a site-specific theatre experience in the city of Odense. It was my first attempt to deconstruct the museal codes of communication and interpretation, allowing playfulness and irony to take centre stage. It was loosely based on Andersen’s debut novel Journey on Foot 1828-1829. It became a big success and lived on in new iterations in the following years.

CAMILLA LIND, Performer/Kostumiér
DAN SCHLOSSER, Actor/Speaker
EDDIE MOCHIA, Musician/Performer
INGER BIRKESTRØM JUUL, Concept/Stage Manager